What Do I Get As A ThemeGreen Member?.

One Membership :: 3 Great Opportunities:

Share ideas, form a group, start a relationship, connect with people traveling to the same destination, broadcast your plans. Use your own private member mail box for communications.

There is something for everyone in ThemeGreen Communities.  

Each membership allows you to upload private or public pictures, pod casts or videos, you choose how much you want the world to see while allowing other select members access to your private media in each of the communities. Post your profile, form multiple discussion groups and manage your news evente with other members or your group.

Powerful broadcasting technologies resonate your message across the Internet via RSS feeds, Facebook applicaitons and interfaces to Google Maps.

Write your own articles and blogs. Us our broadcasting tools on your own web site if you want to use ThemeGreen's powerful broadcasting technology to promote your own web space.





Come together :: Stay Connected :: Create Change

Connect with other members or groups via Nudge, private email or instant message. Submit article blogs for others to comment or post your events & views as they happen.

Browse through 1,000 of other member profiles. See who has just updated their profile and what's happening Green in the ‘At A Glance’ directory and immediately make contact should they suit your fancy.


Get Connected :: Broadcast Your Plans

We’ve designed a series of ‘robots’ to broadcast your group or single events. We light up the Internet with your plans in search engines, blogs, RSS feeds, even Goggle Earth and a unique Facebook application.

People, other groups connect with you.

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What will I get as a ThemeGreen Member?

Join today and you get:

  • Form a Group - Create your own group. Use it to plan and collaborate with other members of your group.
  • News, Events and Announcements - Pick a place and time, we'll get your message out.
  • Exposure - Thousands of  people, green ideas and groups.
  • 3 Times The Exposure – A single membership has 3 separate profiles, 3 areas to describe yourself or your group, upload images, MP3s, Video files write travel articles and have your information brodcasted in many different ways. Create Groups to share idea, your own articles & blogs.
  • Your decide – when to make your media public. Store it securely on ThemeGreen servers while you create, share and collaborate with other members.
  • Feedback - The ThemeGreen Community Votes for your videos, pod casts and articles. See what the latest big thing.
  • The Internet and ThemeGreen Give You Exposure - Our unique broadcasting tools light up the Internet with your ideas, news or announcements.


How can I connect with other Theme Green Members?

Theme Green
  • Collaborate – Use the VIP option to allow other members access to your podcast, video and images. Send private messages back and fourth while you are creating your work.
  • Connect – Find like minded people or groups that share your cause. Exchange ideas via private messaging. Connect with other members of your Group.
  • Search -  Enter search criteria in your membership. Use custom search features to notify you of matches.
  • Go Mobile – Enter your carrier info and how you want your messages delivered. Review media on your mobile PDA as you receive new messages!
  • And much more...FREE! Our online membership combined with unique broadcasting tools means all people can connect in many different ways!
  • RSS Feeds, Summary Activity Reports - You and your groups live busy lives. We all do. Quickly sift thru member profile summaries or receive immediate notification of similar destinations via RSS feeds. Connect immediately with other members.
  • Get Published - Create your own Articles and Member Blogs,
  • Publishing Tools - Use ThemGreen Tools on your own web site!


What does it cost?

  • FREE, FREE. Join as a regular member, fill out a detailed profile in one or 3 profiles, post pictures, multiple videos and mp3/pod cast files in public or private format. Browse through all member profiles free. If someone messages you, it’s free to answer back – forever. Nudge others for free. Each new member receives 200 messaging credits, close to a $50 value!
  • Although the system has been designed as a token messaging system we've decided to wave the token fee. We may keep system usage free as time goes on.


Join Now!

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Together we can change the world. Take action by getting your friends, family and colleagues invloved with ThemeGreen. Why not use ThemeGreen's 'refer a friend' module right now! page.


The ThemeGreen Team.