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Subject: Cinemazoo front page Province Newspaer Monday Dec 28th!
(Posted on Dec 27, 2009 at 07:29PM)

Tags: vancouver province, the province, cinemazoo, gary oliver, animal education
Wahoo. Just got conformation that the Province will be featuring Gary Oliver's plea for donations to keep Cinemazoo alive will make Front Page of The Province, tomorrow, Dec 28th 2009. With a lot of hard work from Gary and the amount of media that wants to make this story a top priority has been enormous and we are not done yet!

Donations are coming in, people are upset, people are offering any help that is needed  & people asking ``what else can we do` It has been one wild ride to say the least for the animals both exotic and domesticated at CinemaZoo.

Again, much thanks to everyone helping us out.

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Subject: Cinemazoo Animal Sanctuary desperately needs our help
(Posted on Dec 27, 2009 at 11:58AM)

Tags: cinemazoo, animal sanctuary, animal adoption, animal education

   Cinemazoo desperately needs our help 300 exotic animals will have NO home in less than 5 days                    
Cinemazoo needs $2,500 in less than 5 days to make Decemeber's rent. Owner Gary Oliver has run this sancturary for domestic and exotic animals for just over 22 years, in Surrey B. C. Canada.  Gary focuses his business on saving aniamls that NO one wanted. People dumping off exotic animals when they grew too big for the owners to handle. Gary has focussed mostly on educating children on being responsible pet ownership and respecting the animals. Gary has an audience of around 30,000 kids every year. Gary has also been a proud supporter of the Variety Club for the Boat of Hope for 11 years now and many contributions to places like the Canuck house and Ronald MacDonald House for sick kids. Gary has also dontated his time extensively to various other animal welfare, animal rescue centres and the S.P.C.A.
Please help the animals Keep Cinemazoo alive for many years to come. Any donation amount will help save this sanctuary.
Please contact
Gary Oliver at Telephone: +1(604)299-6963

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