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Subject: Print and TV media follow up Cinemazoo info coming in a few days
(Posted on Jan 3, 2010 at 07:38PM)

Tags: province, cinemazoo press, province newspaper, follow up cineamzoo, ctv news vancovuer
I will have more information over the next few days about follow up to the Cinemazoo story. Gary & I have a list of follow up Media coverage of the Cinemazoo/Urban Safari Rescue  story that hit the last week of December. All of the print and T V stations want to do a follow up, or what happened.
All parties involved were The Province newspaper, all the daily's, CityTV, ctv vancouver, global tv & the online media coverage by webstager 
We will start the call backs to all media that covered Gary and the fate of his exotic animal sanctuary this week.
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