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Subject: 4everwild. org Extreme Makeover tonight take a look
(Posted on May 31, 2009 at 06:28PM)

Tags: forever wild life sanctuary LA
They need help building a road - I grabbed this from their website.
check them out. The exotics they have been abused and neglected. These people deserve all the help they can get.

Public Opening Delayed by County

The County of San Bernardino will not allow visitors to Forever Wild's brand new public facility, built by the community.

We must pave the 1.5 mi public road before we can admit visitors, at a
cost of almost a million dollars. The entire surrounding area uses
gravel roads.
They are standard high desert roadways, well-maintained and surfaced.
Forever Wild's roadway was even substantially improved during the

With your tax dollars, the County is paying to post staffers
outside Forever Wild's property to prevent the community from entering
the facility they built.

Without public admissions, we can't meet the costs of feeding the
animals that San Bernardino County sends to us for care. We have enough
donations to support the animals for approximately two months.

go to their site to read the posting on their home page.

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