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Subject: Choosing Your Computer Geek
(Posted on Jul 7, 2010 at 10:59AM)

Tags: fix your computer, computer technician, telephone support, home service

With the yellow pages and online classifieds fill of ads form computer repair geek companies, claiming the best rate and best technicians, you need to do some research to find the right one for you. You do not want to be spending money, and not get your computer problem solved.  Follow the simple guidelines below to avoid problems, when selecting your computer repair geeks.

Ask the company what their minimum charge up front would be. Most companies refer to this charge as their diagnostics fee. Some companies have an exorbitant minimum and they will charge this regardless of whether or not they get the diagnosis right.

So the second question logically follows, “If the diagnosis is incorrect, do you still charge?” The answer really should be “No”, or at the very least, the company should be willing to split the difference of the diagnosis should you prove that the computer repair geek technician concluded the wrong problem.

Ask the company what their “no fix” policy is? In other words, if a technician comes out to your business or home and attempts to fix your computer or network problem but is unsuccessful, will you be charged for his time and effort? Really you shouldn’t be charged. If the technician does not have the skills necessary to resolve your problem, you shouldn’t be charged for his attempts.

Ask the company if they are bonded or have had thorough background checks run on their technicians? Character is everything in the computer repair geek industry.

Ask the company if their computer repair geeks are experienced? Some companies (I won’t mention any names), hire any pimple faced high school nerd as long as they will up sell services to the company’s clients. Skills and experience are not always taken into account for a lot of computer repair geek companies, or at least, are they not prioritized properly in the order of importance.

Ask the company if they have any local referrals in your area that you can call and check up on their past work.  Remember; look for computer repair geeks that operate under a national company here, not an individual advertising in the classifieds, at a very low rate, that he can solve all your problems.  If you have a bad experience, you have no recourse with an individual, but with a good computer repair geek company, you can usually get the problem solved.

Hiring a company, instead of an individual, also has his assets, as the geek that comes over to your place to fix your computer, may not have all the answers, but he has an office, and team of fellow geeks, that he can fall back on and get your problem solved.

So, remember to ask all the right questions above when you are selecting your computer repair geek company.  The reputation of the company and the quality of the technician will be very important factors in getting your computer up and running.  Most national computer repair geek companies are quite good, and when you find one, you will be happy you did the proper research.

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