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Subject: How your master’s study differs to undergraduate
(Posted on Oct 30, 2020 at 06:30AM)

Tags: dissertation, hypothesis, academic help
As you’re fighting through those last few painful months of exams, coursework and general study, it may be a lingering worry at the back of your mind - “where do I go from here?”. Split between further education, a teaching career, and a near-infinite supply of creative pipe dreams I wanted to pursue, it’s a feeling I distinctly recall some years later and of course, as it did for me, you’ll likely feel decision time comes far more quickly than you might want it to writing a dissertation introduction.
Of these options, going into a master’s degree may well have popped into your head. In many ways, it might feel more comfortable to continue with what feels like a similar lifestyle to that you’ve been living the last few years. Study hard, party hard. Rinse and repeat. By contrast, maybe undergrad has worn you down as it has so many others. The number of university drop-outs in the UK continues to rise, according to The Times, and even those that remain find themselves worn down and stressed.
So the question remains: is a master’s degree right for you? For many, a master's degree is hugely rewarding, despite its challenges. We explore some observations below, which might help you get a sense of whether this is a road you’d like to walk.
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