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Subject: No Credit Mom won't give you a loan Key West Ford will...
(Posted on Oct 31, 2010 at 05:39PM)

Tags: used cars bad credit, bad credit used car loan, bad credit car dealerships, new west car dealers accept bad credit loans, no credit car dealerships
New West Ford Canada's largest inventory of used cars in all of Canada.


Serving the NEW WESTMINSTER area, Key West Ford, located at 301 Stewardson Way in NEW WESTMINSTER, BC, is your premier retailer of new and used Ford vehicles. Our dedicated sales staff and top-trained technicians are here to make your auto shopping experience fun, easy and financially advantageous. Please utilize our various online resources and allow our excellent network of people to put you in your ideal car, truck or SUV today!
Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

 Key West Ford is proud to be part of a heritage of more than 100 year of manufacturing, selling and servicing new and used Ford cars, trucks, minivans, crossovers and SUV's. Of course we also sell other brand used cars, trucks, minivans, crossovers and SUV's from a diverse source of manufactures including used (pre-owned) Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, GM, Chrysler, Kia, Dodge, Jeep, Infiniti, Acura, Chevrolet, Saturn, Mazda, Lincoln, Hummer, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Harley Davidson, Hyundai, Volvo and Volkswagen to name a few.
Key West Ford
301 Stewardson Way NEW WESTMINSTER, BC V3M 2A5
Sales call 1 877 623 4006
Service call 1 866 980 1052
Parts 604 520 3047

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Subject: The Heavy Live on Letterman WOW
(Posted on Oct 29, 2010 at 10:04AM)

Tags: the heavy, the house dirt built, the heavy uk, the heavy tour dates, the heavy david letterman
on David Letterman.    

Okay, now here is a band that you can actually stand up and get excited about. PURE raw talent from the United Kingdom.

I am so totally in love with these guys. These guys bring me back to Fine Young Cannibals! Rock on Rock hard. I predict these guys are going to sweep the globe and conquer!

David was so blown away he asked them to do an ENCORE. Dave was giddy like a little kid after their performance.
The audience was so totally blown away it was crazy.
LOVE to you The Heavy! keep it coming we want MORE and MORE.
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Subject: iPad App unveiled.
(Posted on Jul 17, 2010 at 10:09AM)

Tags: iPad Apps, social media distribution, Easy Digital Broadcasting
We've made digital broadcasting EASY from your iPad.  You can now update your digital broadcasting blogs from your iPad or iPhone! Since I received delivery of the iPad I was disappointed that I couldn’t use the power of our digital broadcasting platform from my iPad. Months before we experienced the same disappointment with the iPhone – the browser doesn’t support may taken for granted features on a laptop so most apps don’t work. Now we unveiled the first of many iPad apps. A simple interface allowing blog updates from the iPad or new iPhone. Access from these mobile devices allows updates using the OneBigBroadcast back end to distribute the information to all social media spots, track results and attract search engines.  Now automating social media while attracting search engine rankings is mobile from the iPad.

Access to useful programs such as our OneBigBroadcast digital broadcast blogs are now accessible via mobile device such as the iPad and iPhone

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Subject: iPad Arrives - Cool Platform
(Posted on Jun 22, 2010 at 04:21PM)

Tags: iPad, iPad Apps, social media distribution
Fed Ex delivered the newest 3G 64 gig IPad today - ahead of the development tools and accessories we ordered.

All I can say is - this device is amazing and awesome combined (thanks 'bachelorettes' Jillian (my neighbour) from last year and what's her name from this year for the descriptive words).

What made an impression on me was the size - or lack of it. The device is running at about the size of a baseball cap yet it's highly functional and easy to use. While I wait for delivery of the 3G SIM card, I managed to connect to my WiFi network with ease. Running through the Internet - I must say it is a shame that Apple can't put their ego away and allow the support of Flash. Puts me in mind of a little kid in the play ground refusing to give up his pager that he's had all of his like while all the other kids are surfing the web on their smart phones.

At least Safari supports HTML 5 - although I did find some bugs with this Safari Mobile that Apple still has to fix.

Never the less - the iPad is waaaaaay cool. Our development team is waiting with baited breath now that they've heard I've received mine. We've got some way cool GPS based apps ready to load and try on this truly game changing device.

Apple does it again.
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Subject: British Car Show Grows Each Year
(Posted on Jun 2, 2010 at 09:13PM)

Tags: xk 150 racing car, Van Dusen British Car Show
A couple weeks back the WebStager Team braved the cold and what looked like rainy weather to attend the All British Car Show at Vancouver's Van Dusen Gardens.

We arrived late and were told that even though we had our registration that we may not be able to get in because of the record crowd and turn out of Jaguars. At the 50th birthday of Jaguar's popular E Type - the turn out was huge. My poor XK
150  - the model before (and winner of many Le Mans races) the cigar shaped E Type may not get in!

Needless to say after a couple tense moments wondering - we were escorted into the grounds and guided into our parking spot beside other cars in the XK line.

The day was great. We snapped pics, We twetted our friends and set up a new spot on 4 Square. My Facebook page was alive with content from the show - and show lovers stopped by to swap stories of how these cars made an impression on their lives at some point.

Most fun was to connect with the rest of the people that had an appreciation of design elements and performance of these British automobiles while having an appreciation of the little things one has to put up owning and driving them just to keep them on the road.

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Subject: Social Media Distribution
(Posted on Apr 22, 2010 at 09:38AM)

Tags: social media, social media distribution
I've learned a lot about the secret world of Corporate Jet owners while building the web space for Envoy Jet. 1. Planes look awesome everywhere - especially on location shooting pics in Hawaii! 2.People are still buying corporate jets and there are great deals out there. $20 mil instead of $50! Great deals. It was fun ...implementing all the pieces of our social distribution platform then Facebook Fan Page apps. I must say kudos to our design team - it's a great look and I am already hearing complements. This build is a great example of social media integration with 'high flying items'.
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Subject: Web Cam Moments
(Posted on Apr 20, 2010 at 08:59PM)

Tags: Iceland live coverage
Four webcams are now live watching the live activities of the volcanoes. Interesting how such a small country's geology can ultimately change the entire landscape of the planet as we know it.

Traffic is high but you are front and center if this is a prelude to 2012!
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Subject: IPhone blend
(Posted on Apr 20, 2010 at 08:30PM)

Tags: iPhone, Broadcast blogs
For all of you that want to figure out how to integrate iPhone into mainstream Internet and all things cool - check this -
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Subject: Create a moment - change the world
(Posted on Apr 9, 2010 at 04:03PM)

Tags: Vancouver Social Media Optimization, SMO enhances SEO
I love this video. One 'crazy guy' man creates an event by taking a social risk. A shirtless guy dances like no one is watching - and has a profound impact on the crowd.

I remember back at school dances. Its one of the best 2 minute films dealing with human nature I've seen in a long time.

Enjoy this - its too funny!

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Subject: NEW WebStager about to go live ENVOYJET
(Posted on Mar 19, 2010 at 05:45PM)

Tags: vancouver graphic company, vancouver marketing, vancouver internet marketing, marketing vancouver bc, bc marketing
We are about to go live with our new Client ENVOYJET    

here is the start to one of our recent clients ENVOYJET The owner of ENVOYJET  is a senior pilot for Cathay Pacific Airlines


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Subject: NEW WebStager goes LIVE
(Posted on Mar 19, 2010 at 05:38PM)

Tags: marketing, marketing company, marketing vancouver, online marketing, interactive marketing
WebStager gets a whole new look. We have lots more case studies to be added shortly. We have collected some new clients in the US and other parts of  Canada. We have added some really cool sound bytes per flash image on the home ( splash ) page.

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Subject: Smart Phone Growth Rate To Surpass Laptops
(Posted on Mar 17, 2010 at 05:30PM)

Tags: Broadcast blogs, Smartphones, iphone, broadcating blogs, custom blogs
The rate of growth of smart phones is destine to overtake regular computers - as early as 2012 analysts are predicting.

Wow. It seems like just yesterday I got a hold of my first Ericsson digital phone, then was given a Blackberry by the VP of Telus for a large consulting project I was conducting for the BC Government. He told me when I looked strangely at this seemingly antiquated piece of equipment that once I tried it, I wouldn't want to give it back.

He was right! I've been hooked on smart phones since.

Now a lot of the traditional manufacturers like Intel and Microsoft are getting into more the mobile game. Intel is trying again after a failed attempt while Microsoft has recently unveiled a new mobile version of Windows.

Pretty soon young people will be saying to their parents; "What was it like not having full Internet access and being able to enjoy a true Internet experience on your smart phone?"                                
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Subject: James Cameron - Hurt Locker - Best Film - Only In America
(Posted on Mar 7, 2010 at 09:20PM)

Tags: Hurt Locker Wrong Choice, America Loves Their Troops, Academy Awards Still Uses The Telegraph. James Cameron Robbed
I just sat through the 82nd Academy Awards and listened to America's version of what they feel is popular on a global scale.

I think I must have been in an episode of 'The Fringe' - and stuck in the others parallel universe where there were no other films!

While the Academy  threw a few crumbs to foreign films and made their own black vs white more 'carmelized' by awarding Sandra Bullock an award for best actress - The Hurt Locker for best film!

Give me a break - no wait -  a shot of adrenaline I have for allergic reactions might revive me more than the film when I was watching it for the first time (and last I might add)

I waited for this film to come to DVD. Then when I watched it - I was falling a sleep for the first 1/2 an hour just itching to pull it out of my DVD player. Then it sort of got to you. Some black dude, some red neck drunk and some bombs some sort of story.

The entire film could have been over in 1/2 and hour!

Avatar - hmm - highest grossing film ever. Captured the global attention of billions. Many people went to the film time and time again. Better still they have a vision of it in their minds - young and old.

I wonder if the Academy folks still use DC power in their homes for the telegraph machines they use to send their messages back and fourth between one another.

James Cameron was totally robbed...                                         
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Subject: etalk at the Oscars LIVE
(Posted on Mar 7, 2010 at 04:21PM)

Tags: etalk canada, etalk, red carpet etalk, etalk la, etalk in los angeles
Etalk LIVE in Los Angeles for the 2010 Oscar Awards   . Predictions are the Hurt Locker or Precious. Interesting that Avatar doesn't seem to be on the horizon. With the event just starting, it should be a fun filled night or entertainment and surprise.


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(Posted on Mar 7, 2010 at 03:57PM)

Tags: etalk oscars, etalk live oscars, etalk canada, live, ctv coverage oscars
LIVE in Los Angeles it's the 2010 Oscar Red Carpet Waltz. So far everyone looks really old Hollywood. I am hoping  that James Cameron ( go Canada go ) wins for the brillant Avatar.
Go Canada Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     
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Subject: Time Lapse Images Fans & Winning Goal Canada US Olympic Gold
(Posted on Mar 1, 2010 at 07:27PM)

Tags: 2010 winter games Canada vs USA, 2010 olympic camera coverage
Yesterday our team arrived early at our Yaletown location to host the last days of our broadcast with the 3 live IP cams we've been broadcasting live to the planet 24X7 for the entire length of the 2010 Olympics.

Some times weren't so exciting - like when no one was around - yet the Vancouver Police were way interested the night after we installed them and 'no one was around'.

Yahoo - our across the street neighbors had just moved in with all their gear. Thieves drove up in the wee hours of the AM, smashed the windows and cleaned the entire place out! Vancouver's finest wanted our images of the time period when 'nothing was happening'.

Fans came and went - but the most exciting was yesterday by far. Crowds were gathered at some places since 7AM as we made our way to Yaletown.

Even thought it was early, since the game was at noon - the city was a buzz.  People were everywhere!

On the Canada Line, we have to push our way in complete with our computer and camera equipment - then push our way out again when we arrived.

We captured every second of the game in hi res format all the while being transmitted to our Internet sites while a world could watch. When we were reviewing some of the stored images this AM, we thought the rest of the planet may way to relive the moment that the winning goal was made!

Click the image to view the time lapse film!                                  

We've summed up the winning time frame in time lapsed images from our web cam site.   

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Subject: Post Hockey Game Reactions, Go 61! Go Canada!!!
(Posted on Mar 1, 2010 at 01:18PM)

Tags: 2010 winter games Canada vs USA, xk 150, classic jaguars, xk 150 classic jaguar, xk 150 racing car
Following yesterdays game downtown Vancouver was crazy with positive energy following the win.

We were driving around in our classic XK 150 Jaguar - the same series of racing cars that won the Le Mans 24 hours during the Le Mans 24 hour races back in the late '50s - putting Jaguar on the map for world race cars.

People were going crazy while getting their pics taken.

Vancouver Police controlling crowds outside of The Cactus Club - Yaletown.

People having fun heading to the celebrations.

Going across Granville Bridge - post Canada US hockey game.

Everyone celebrating.

More reactions!

Go '61!
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Subject: Canada US Hockey Game Live
(Posted on Feb 28, 2010 at 01:20PM)

Tags: Olympic 2010 Crowds, 2010 olympic camera coverage, Canada US Hockey Gold
Live at George Lounge in Yaletown everyone is cheering on the Canadian team.        

While I am writing this Blog Canada just scored!

Go Canada!

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Subject: Last Day Of The 2010 Winter Games
(Posted on Feb 28, 2010 at 09:16AM)

Tags: 2010 olympic camera coverage, 2010 winter games Canada vs USA, Winter Game Web Cam Coverage
The last day of the 2010 Winter Olympics. We are all anticipating another gold medal today and the lights on the floating barge in Coal Harbour to be lit up again.               

It seems like the games have only just began, yet so much went on in such a short time frame that like a dream it might have been a lifetime.

There never seemed to be a shortage of people going back and fourth in Yaletown though and the creative ways us understated Canadians rose to the occasion to show our support for our country and our athletes.

Downtown Vancouver is going to be alive early this morning as fans line up to pass through the heavy security when Canada faces off against the United States in hockey at noon today PST to see who is going to win gold.

We are going to be live in Yaletown repositioning our live webcams to get the best angle for viewing.

It was pretty amazing to be involved in a very small way with the 2010 Olympics by sharing live images to people that couldn't make it here to Vancouver.

I am wondering how the city is going to be after all of this, it seems like many don't want the party to ever end.

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Subject: Mixlympics - NBC Filming
(Posted on Feb 21, 2010 at 12:49PM)

Tags: George Lounge Mixlympics, NBC Mixlympics, 2010 olympic camera coverage
Bar "Mixlympics" happening today at George Lounge in Yaletown today!! 

(across the street from Yahoo Funcover)

6 international Bartenders, 4 local black box competitors.

NBC will be filming the competitions!

You can view the action real time via web cam via one of the 3 hi res
web cams operating 24 X 7 as we broadcast live to the planet. We are
now the top 2 web cam spot on
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Subject: Olympic Impressions
(Posted on Feb 20, 2010 at 10:26PM)

Tags: 2010 vancouver games, Olympic Flame, Olympic 2010 Crowds, George Lounge Bartender Games, NBC Olympic Coverage Bartender Games
I have been in and out of the city using the various forms of transportation.         

Vancouver is full of spirit and there are tons of things going on!

You can have a beer while traveling light...

You can visit the Tin Girl that is all over the news and watch her in awe.

Then there are the crowds.

And the crowds...

and the crowds..

And somehow the hole they cut in the fence to see the flame isn't quite doing it for me...

And I don't think I'd want to stand for 6 hours in this line just to hold an Olympic Medal - but hats off to everyone that does.

But I did get to see a former Olympic US Gymnastic Champion interviewing another 2010 champion at Yahoo.

.., and I learned today that our web cams are the top 2 of the most trafficed web cam site on across from Yahoo's Vancouver location...

... and since NBC is filming live - the Bartender Games and we are steaming the action live Sunday - it's an action packed Sunday at the 2010 Olympic Games!!!

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Subject: 2010 Games Vancouver Winter
(Posted on Feb 13, 2010 at 10:34PM)

Tags: 2010 games day 2, winter games events, web companies vancouver, winter games sports, 2010 winter game

The city is alive with a sea of International sports fans. The Olympics seems to me to attract the best of the best in athletes, but the best of the best of various country supporters as well.

As we made our way around the city the crowds were alive with supporters taking in the sights and entertainment venues that Vancouver has to offer.

Live City - an entertainment portal where major sponsors show off the newest of new technology.

re are some crazy cool home theatre technologies being shown by Panasonic.

We decided to take a walk across the Cambie bridge, the city looks like its growing up with all the high rises and all the security.

The Russians have taken over what is normally science world, now some Russian message outside, Vancouver security is patrolling the waterways as I learned that every building has a shift of snipers during the entire 2010 games guarding the Olympic Village.

That reminds me, we saw the vehicles, the many vehicles lined up waiting to spring into action when the sports event happens.

At City Hall, workers have been working for months on this new concrete area welcoming visitors to the games. The view was awesome!

Vancouver City Hall has never been the same.

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Subject: Yaletown Olympic Cams Lite Up 2 Day!
(Posted on Feb 12, 2010 at 06:05PM)

Tags: live web cams 2010 olympic games, web cam 2010 olympics, 2010 olympic camera coverage, 2010 winter games figure skating, 2010 vancouver games

Just got back from the torch passing by all the action in Yaletown. The crowds were crazy as the torch passed by George's. It was an even crazier line up situation outside Vancouver's Live City.

Live City is a tent city featuring significant sponsors of the 2010 Olympics. Coke is there with a 100' screen for watching the events. the latest in computers from Acer. They are featuring Hi Res large screen touch screen computers that I want!

Panasonic is showing off and some really cool 3D HI Def Flat screen Home Theatre that is so life like that you think you are there live.

See our live Olympic Web Cams in Hi Res format at

More reporting tomorrow!                     
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Subject: New WebStager site design cool sound bytes.....
(Posted on Jan 31, 2010 at 02:06PM)

Tags: marketing vancouver, vancouver web companies, web design vancouver, social media, pr vancouver
Will be going live with the new WebStager over the course of the next few weeks. We added a suite of sound bytes which we incorporated into each java slide screen shot --- all 7 screens have full sound bytes                

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Subject: Global news Haiti coverage
(Posted on Jan 14, 2010 at 06:00PM)

Tags: global news haiti, vancouver news haiti, donations haiti vancouver, ctv news haiti, global news haiti vancouver
Global National News coverage on the earthquake in Haiti
About 50,000 dead in Haiti, says Red Cross

and planeloads of food and medicine streamed into Haiti Thursday to aid
a traumatized nation still rattled by aftershocks from the catastrophic
earthquake that flattened homes and government buildings and buried
countless people. The Haitian Red Cross said it believed 45,000 to
50,000 people had died and 3 million more -- one third of Haiti's
population -- were hurt or left homeless by the major 7.0 magnitude
quake that hit its impoverished capital on Tuesday.     

American Red Cross Releases $10 Million to Help Haiti

Priority needs are food, water, shelter, medical help

National Headquarters

2025 E Street, N.W.

Washington, DC 20006

Contact: Public Affairs Desk

Phone: (202) 303-5551

Vancouver Thursday, January 14, 2010 —

With estimates that as many as three million people may be affected
by the catastrophic earthquake which hit Haiti Tuesday, the American
Red Cross is releasing an additional $9 million for earthquake relief,
bringing its total commitment so far to $10 million to support relief
efforts in Haiti.

Priority needs in Haiti are food, water, temporary shelter, medical
services and emotional support.  Thousands of local Red Cross
volunteers are aiding their fellow Haitians.  American Red Cross
Disaster management specialists are scheduled to arrive today from the
United States, Peru and Mexico to join local Red Cross staff already on
the ground in the disaster zone.  As soon as airports begin accepting
relief shipments, tarps, hygiene items and cooking sets for
approximately 5,000 families will come from the Red Cross Canada 

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Subject: WebStager installing high rez. outdoor camera`s 2010 Winter Game
(Posted on Jan 10, 2010 at 04:38PM)

Tags: vancouver winter 2010, games 2010, athletes 2010, athlete games 2010, 2010 athlete

WebStager will be broadcasting shortly on our involvement with the Sporting Event here in Vancouver over the next month. We are installing some high rez. outdoor cameras in a heavily athlete populated area. You can watch all the 2010 winter coverage and other visitors and athletes. We will also be broadcasting real time online for this venue. You can sign up if you want to be part of this exciting coverage & be alerted when we go "live" with the hi rez. webcam coverage for the 'sporting event' -- click on WebStager`s contact form

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Subject: WebStager re design initial concept for..
(Posted on Jan 10, 2010 at 03:59PM)

Tags: marketing pr vancouver, vancouver web company, flash design vancouver, flash design, vancouver flash company
Here is the start of the new re design for WebStager we are going to go live once we get the finishing touches in conjunct with the install of the the `3` high resolution web cameras for the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. We are going to be showcasing the online graphics that we have been working on for the last year, combined with the online broadcasting platform that gets your site to the top of all the search engines within minutes.I am going to add sound bites to the re design. You will see Razor ( Bear image ) roaring and various other elemental sound bytes. I am going to
change the color of the webstager logo and have the logo in a really cool flash treatment that pops and moves when you mouse over it. Should be exciting when it all comes together and we go `live`` exciting times ahead for WebStager. We are going to install a state of the art newly developed flash web treatment.

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Subject: web development vancouver,internet marketing pr advertising
(Posted on Jan 3, 2010 at 04:38PM)

Tags: graphics vancouver, graphic design in vancouver, website design company canada, vancouver internet marketing, marketing companies vancouver
Cinemazoo top of all the search engines -- Any topic related to the recent media & TV coverage for Cinemazoo that Webstager broadcasted online is at the top of -- if you were to type in ctv news cinemazoo ( I use this as an example ) when ctv news vancouver aired on the news hour earlier this week people wanted to know how they could donate. These callers were told to go to and type in cinemazoo.

if you type ctv news cinemazoo into or -- our posts are at the top -- powerful real time feeds that appear live within half an hour. These feeds have stayed consistently at the top since the first day I started blogging on our platform!
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Subject: CinemaZoo Characters Saved
(Posted on Jan 1, 2010 at 06:27PM)

Tags: CinemaZoo, Gary Oliver, Cinemazoo donations
CinemaZoo Saved At 11th Hour.

I am happy to report that after resounding support and donations that CInemaZoo's 300 exotic creatures will not be on the street.

Donations flooded in following News on CTV, Global, CityTV, articles in The Province, The Surrey Leader and a multitude of affiliated community papers across the planet. We engaged my company's ThemeGreen Internet News Broadcasting platform to report on activities and in no time Google shot the efforts of our bloggers to the top of just about any search term dealing with CinemaZoo - within hours!

People not able to find follow up news from the broadcast news agencies were all of a sudden linked to story details from Google or Bing searches in real time. Donations started pouring in online.

While enough money was raised for several months, a reorganization of the internal operations will include many improvements to the sanctuary’s operations.

I am happy to announce the my company will be taking the lead and implementing Internet related improvements aimed at offering members access to rich media globally. We will be implementing a member driven platform that will house rich media. We will also be implementing a series of Hi Res web cams capable of broadcasting live images of some of the sanctuary's more interesting characters.

We developed a similar technology in a harsher environment in BC Coastal Mountains allowing members to watch the secret lives of live Grizzly bears in their natural environment. The project caught international attention and is the subject of a TV Series we are actively involved.

We all look forward to helping Cinemazoo deliver rich media of the beloved characters that make Cinemazoo their home to the planet.

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Subject: CinemaZoo CTV News Event
(Posted on Dec 28, 2009 at 10:02PM)

Tags: CinemaZoo., Gary Oliver, CinemaZoo CTV
Oops - CTV News exec wouldn't mention site in
their news cast or web site... not politically correct - and were
really glib about on the phone!

(I guess these big guys call the shots broadcasting wise!)

That's OK -  they've been overtaken - by my company's proprietary news broadcasting technology platform!

Any Google search for CinemaZoo CTV has our links as #1 and #2 - CTV doesn't exist anywhere.

When are dinosaurs going to get with the 21st Century!

OMG - a National news broadcasting company out shadowed by Internet broadcasting technology on their news stories.

"Where's the ice man this week? I still like my ice box!"; snorts the
old corporate exec via the vacuum tube delivery system to his assistant. "What's
with this "World Wide InterWeb" talk I've been hearing about lately?
Young people, what do they know!"

It's a new world everyone.
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Subject: Donations Pouring In After Media Blitz
(Posted on Dec 28, 2009 at 06:18PM)

Tags: CinemaZoo, Gary Oliver, Exotic Pets, Real time Updates
Just 3 days before Christmas, Gary Oliver received an evection notice from his landlord. Gary's been in the business of sheltering unwanted exotic animals abondoned by their previous short sighted owners. In a ficility that houses from giant turtles, snakes and crocidles to cute furry creatires like the sugar glider from Australia. At 300 strong, eviction means a certain death sentence - but the land lord didn't care - just wanted his cash or the place.

Today's economic reality is polarizing our society. There are the people that want to do nothing and just complain. On the other side are the people that want to make a difference in this world and realize that we are sharing our planet with other creatures - big and small.

With social media, a single message can be conveyed to millions. Popular public opinion can change people's mind and miracles can happen.

As news media converged on Cinemazoo while the landlord's clock was ticking, TV coverage and front page news paper exposure has prompted a turn in events. All the while our people were blogging and broadcasting events to social media spots far and wide. Our people even automated the donation process online with easy access.

We are happy to announce that all day donations have started to pour in. With a little faith, Cinemasoo will be educating kids for many more years to come

Want to donate? Follow this link - 

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Subject: The Biggest Online Winners And Losers For 2009
(Posted on Dec 16, 2009 at 07:17PM)

Tags: The Biggest Online Winners And Losers For 2009, Winners And Losers For 2009
I received this post today on the changes on the Internet landscape over the past year. Many of us in the business may have felt the shift in the many ways people are now using this constantly changing medium. Interesting the I saw the shift long before the financial meltdown. We did a lot of email marketing for the retail industry. Around early to mid 2008 there seemed to be a shift in the business. Retail saw a down turn in sales - started to focus on cutting costs and doing everything themselves - even using Facebook before it was really popular.

Now the email marketing industry is gasping for it's very life as more and more companies are doing things within.

The stats in this article are amazing for anyone that follows the online world and trends that effect us all.

In summary, people aren't using eBay in this time of belt tightening, Craigslist traffic is down as people are staying put while MySpace,com, once the darling of the social networking universe is down 20% (not suprising).

The big upswing is of course Facebook, Twitter and suprisingly Walmart!

It's an interesting read

After looking at the numbers, I started playing with the list. I wonder if economists can now predict the state of things to come by the way the top ten web sites are shaping up!

 Top 10 Web Properties by Traffic Increase for 2009
    Rank    Wessite                                             Domain                                             % change this year      
55        Yahoo! Sports – Fantasy Football             1840%      
40        Twitter                                                                         559%      
2          Facebook                                                               236%      
13        AOL                                                                                170%      
47        Yahoo! Profiles                                                      140%      
39                                                                  135%      
48       Google Video                                                              124%      
6         YouTube                                                                   109%      
31       Target                                                                           69%      
20       Walmart                                                                    64%      
7       MSN                                                                                58%     

Here is my synopsis of what's happening:

1. America is staying home and watching sports, getting away from their troubles on Fantasy Football.
2. The rest of the country is using Twitter to track their every movement - while others want to know what their current friends are up to and catch up with old on 3. Facebook.
4. AOL emails were big from the beginning - all these people getting Twitter and Facebook messages are filling their AOL email boxes.
5. and 6. Spots 5 and 6 are dating site - people staying home still want to get laid!
7. and 8. Spots 7 and 8 are an example of just how popular online Video is on the Internet
9. People seeing all these deals are still willing to got to "Tar Jay" as many of my style maven friends that frequent Target and revel in the deals like Racoons washing their food.
10. Walmart in the number 10 spot - is great for entertainment, deals and people watching.

Since Walmart is coming to every town - it's now becoming the go to place for everything online!

Should be an interesting world in 2010.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Subject: Google Announces Real Time Search Updates
(Posted on Dec 13, 2009 at 09:32AM)

Tags: Real time Updates, Google, Broadcast blogs
An announcement that may change the way we think of and use search engines!

It used to take months for search engines to index (or shuffle their search rankings) web sites. All the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts were looking for ways to speed up the process. Changing content became popular and as bloggers started becoming active, it was rumored that Google updated blog sites faster than normal web sites. Now there's social media. Twitter and Facebook have changed the way we communicate. Other social media sites are updating news and views in real time. Now Google has announced technology to keep up with this real time news.

Real time search. That's big news for companies like mine. We develop social media technology that enhances search engine visibility.

A few years ago I stumbled upon some things that attracted search engine rankings while doing email marketing and search engine optimization for client companies and my own member platforms.

While performing some of the tasks I noticed that my search rankings would increase. The only thing was I have to keep up the processes or other companies would overtake my efforts as everyone is competing for top spot these days.

That's when we started creating technology that would enhance the processes I had discovered. One update - a single message gets delivered all across the Internet via multiple layers of delivery technology. What's more, if a group uses the social media tools, the result to a client's web site is like having an army of marketing people.

It should be exciting to see what happens on the Internet over the coming months as the reality of real time updates becomes a reality.

We'll be constantly updating our platforms and looking at new ways - like mobile to enhance and enrich people's lives.

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Subject: Social Media Shines A Light On Classic Car Criminals
(Posted on Nov 15, 2009 at 07:47AM)
          Back in the late 1950's and early 1960's, Jaguar ruled the automotive racing world with some of the fastest automobiles on the planet.  Limited in their production, there is a global fraternity of collectors and enthusiasts. Car thieves also target these automobiles,
sometimes acquiring these rare vehicles for some unscrupulous collector.

With the popularity of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and a location based gallery application built by my company, stealing someone's baby without the rest of the planet knowing just got a whole lot harder.

Here's how it works. Global car owners connect via Facebook and join a group only open to car owners. With the owner's permission, the group owner places a picture of their car on a Google Fused gallery in The gallery integrated with Google Maps has a number of collaborative and messaging features including being integrated into the
ThemeGreen Social Networking platform.

As new images are added to the gallery, emails are automatically sent to interested parties, RSS feeds update various sites or widget
code updates web sites or blogs carrying the content. No doubt all the global Jaguar owners like to see what else is going on  so we all know the instant something is happening image wise via the gallery's collaboration features.

Last month just outside of Amsterdam thieves stole a beautiful black XK 150. A full description of the car including a picture was loaded on the location based gallery. In an instant an army of Jaguar collectors around the planet know about this vehicle with full details of it's unique characteristics.

I found the notice 2 ways. The mini gallery I have on one of my web sites popped up with an image of the stolen car plus I received a Facebook notice.

If I were a car thief, I'd think twice before I drove this stolen vehicle anywhere on the planet. XK owners know when there is a new cat in town.  Everyone in the owner's club being on the lookout for the stolen black XK 150, it won't be too long until a friend
of a friend spots it. The gallery image of the stolen car is linked to full details plus another site dealing strictly with stolen property around the globe.

It's interesting how social media and the ease of communicating is affecting our daily lives and spreading information far and wide.

I am using my own Blog to update this note. Once I press the button my social tools will again spread this message even further. The social tools update my Facebook, all of my Twitter accounts, news feeds active on about a dozen  web sites and blogs, RSS feeds connect my Linkedin, Plaxo and other social accounts to this post, plus certain people that follow my posts via email receive an immediate notification.

Although I am sure that car thieves have all the modern gadgets and networks to dispose of their cars, life must  be getting more difficult for classic car thieves if an army of enthusiasts take up the cause against them on a global basis.

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Subject: First Days Filming An Adventure In Grizzly Country.
(Posted on Oct 21, 2009 at 10:44PM)
This week the start of filming has so far been an exciting week. We are interviewing various characters and their personal stories about interactions with Grizzly Bears. 

Cannes, Paris and the UK are a long way from the long plane ride into Vancouver. Our journey then took us up to the Orford Valley, the home of the Homalco First Nation's Grizzly Tour operation. The grizzly experts showed us firsthand the grizzlies feeding on returning salmon while sharing stories of the many creatures in their area.

We we were fortunate to interview a former grizzly hunter now turned eco guide. His First Nation insight into the secret lives of Grizzlies was invaluable not to mention fascinating.

Over the Powell River, we boarded a powerful cigarette boat and sped up Powell Lake to "Hole In The Wall" for a truly unique interview spot sharing stories of Grizzly from one of the planet's Grizzly and Polar Bear

The next couple of days are going to be exciting and adventurous with on the ground Grizzly expeditions and flying into BC's last homestead
region to experience these wild creatures and chat with those who have had their share of Grizzly close encounters.

Click image for boat adventure.

Stay tuned for more adventure!

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Subject: Mipcom 2009 - Cannes Update
(Posted on Oct 14, 2009 at 11:51AM)
Team arrived from UK, planning our pilot shoot in coastal BC - a labyrinth of planes, helicopters, grizzly locations and quirly character interviews all next week in stunning HD.
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Subject: Yachts Serving Multi Purpose In Cannes
(Posted on Oct 7, 2009 at 09:13AM)

Initial reports are extreme interest in our documentary at the MIPCOM 2009 conference taking place now in Cannes. Active discussions are already engaged with key distribution companies.

Something else that caught my interest was the innovative demonstration areas.

Luxury Super Yachts are lined up along the many marinas and companies can secure one of these lavish show places, brand it as their own during the show and the floating palaces act as a floating hotel for key show going staff and select customers.

Nice to see that the entertainment industry and broadcasting industry are not the only ones looking at 'cross platforming'.

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Subject: Green Technology East Coast
(Posted on Sep 15, 2009 at 05:21PM)
Still here on the east coast of Canada. There is a huge appetite for green tech products here - especially in the marine side of the business.

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Subject: Kanye West MTV Outburst
(Posted on Sep 14, 2009 at 02:50PM)
Was Kanye West a jerk for interrupting Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards? See Our Facebook Poll!

Did anyone see Kanye West jump up and grab the mic form 17 year old Taylor Swift while she accepted an award for BEST FEMALE VIDEO?!!!

It takes social media to straighten these kinds of people out.

Nice to hear that security threw him and his girlfriend out.

An apology is just an excuse - as I am sure the instant back lash from Twitter and Facebook pages forces him to. Apology or not, in my mind and over 44,000 of the other people who took a recent poll -  West's
actions were just WRONG!!!


Was Kanye West a jerk for interrupting Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards?

Yes  44,268 (93.1%)

No  1,568 (3.3%)

What are you talking about?  1,710 (3.6%)

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Subject: Meeting with Ambassatours
(Posted on Sep 3, 2009 at 10:15AM)
Gary Powell discusses tour and transportation programs for 2010 for tours in Atlantic Canada.

Ambassatours hosts Atlantic Canada holiday adventures that are sure to be a high point in your travels.

Peggy's Cove - known the world over for it's raw beauty.
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Subject: Twitter Governs It's API
(Posted on Aug 9, 2009 at 09:06PM)

For the last few months I've been spoiled using my own technology to update various Social platforms.


By programming our own Social Media Marketing platform - - a social networking engine with fabulous apps - all my favorite social spots like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Bedo, Linkedin, etc are all updated each and every time I craft a blog. The beauty is just one single blog entry can update all my 'social spots'...

Parallel with that effort - any one carrying my news feed code was immediately updated - like the news feeds on my own corporate site - ThemeGreen plus my Green Energy watch portal - Plutonic Energy.

Before creating all these wonderful time saving apps and processes, it was a total time drain updating all my social spots - often getting interrupted and then not finding the time or forgetting to update half of them. Now it's simply write once, publish everywhere. At the click of a button all my social media spots are updated (along with email or SMS updates, widget updates, news feeds, RSS and a bunch of other SEO type processes - remembering it is a SEO and social engine).

Reality struck this week as hackers from who knows where around the planet unleashed a DDOS attack against my fav 2 sites - Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook seems to have rebuffed the attacks quite well - while Twitter is still having problems.

One of their bloggers today is reporting their API's are being blocked while they attempt to remedy the issue.

The reality of not having my blog update to Twitter is all encompassing for all out ThemeGreen users. Hopefully they solve their issues soon so I can again bath in the warmth of knowing that I only have to blog in one spot and all my other spots are taken care of.

Isn't technology grand!



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Subject: Giant Jellyfish and Giant Squid Invade and Attack:
(Posted on Jul 19, 2009 at 10:54PM)
Article on CNN - Giant Jellyfish invade Sea of Japan - amazing and horrific.

Is this a Harbinger of man's own selfish acts against sea creatures that is going to spawn the end of our species?

Here are the highlights of the article (with my observations):

Japanese fishermen brace for giant jellyfish.

Massive creatures, traveling in packs and up to 450 lbs are being channeled by ocean currents into the Sea of Japan - causing potential economic devastation for entire communities.

The jellyfish destroy fishermen's nets, getting trapped in them, tearing holes and ruining catches.

Fishermen often use expensive mazelike nets that stretch for hundreds of kilometers. When swarms of giant jellyfish tear them, the result is devastating.

My Observation - so let me get this right. For years the International Community has been up in arms about nets that span 100's of kilometers. They are called DRIFT NETS. They are responsible for killing hundreds, perhaps thousands of species - including dolphins, sea turtles and sharks - the oceans top predator - and most likely the species that keeps creatures like this in check.

Let's switch gears and talk about another new event - Giant Squid. Are there parallels between giant jellyfish and giant squid invading California waters, washing up on shore and attacking divers?

Have the ocean's top predators numbers dropped so much that our oceans are being taken over by even more invasive and ravenous predators - like Giant Squid?

Just last week thousands of giant squid showed up along California's coast, attacking divers.

Before I saw this news event I had heard of giant squid possibly responsible for the reduction of wild salmon in our oceans.

We are in discussions about a made for TV on wild Grizzlies on the western coast Canada. These creatures feed on wild salmon whose numbers are in decline. Last year saw the worst wild salmon run on BC's west coast almost in record. People are wondering what is happening to wild salmon and why they aren't returning in the numbers they once did. The Grizzlies are hungry!

One of the production company's we are in discussions with thinks they have the answer. Giant Squid! They recently finished a documentary of
these giant squid. The theory is that their natural predator to these Giant Squid is ALSO sharks and other large predatory fish. Over fishing by Asian cultures for shark fins, tuna and other creatures has left a void in keeping these creatures in check. Their documentary shows these ravenous squid tearing salmon to pieces in the open ocean. No wonder the returning stocks are in decline.

If all the drift nets and ravenous killing of these creatures for their fins in the Asian dishes has put their species in peril - then are all these strange and monstrous creatures filling the void and taking their place? Are the Giant Jellyfish another spin off of this activity really caused by man after all?

My question would be are the Japanese villages that engage in Drift Net activity not getting back the rewards of the seeds that they planted a long time ago?

With advances in technology and the Internet, we are living in an ever changing planet that we can all now take responsibility for in real time and actually make a difference by spreading the word far and wide.

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Subject: Car Coffee Cup Computer Stand
(Posted on Jul 14, 2009 at 10:33PM)
What a Totally Green and RedNeck Way To Use PVC Pipe In This Recession! 

Alerted by one of my Facebook friends - but everyone on my list needs to see this!
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Subject: Mass Collaboration Will Effect Us All
(Posted on Jul 6, 2009 at 06:06PM)
The Power Of Mass Collaboration:

Some people say, like this YouTube video say there is an online revolution happening all around us as our society is starting to develop new tools. As new tools evolve - society evolves and fosters new behaviors...

Think about it - more people are now able to speak and connect to more people - even those that they don't know - faster and better than ever before in history!

With all of these social sites and collaborative properties, we have the tools to say more things to more people than ever before - and that is growing enormously.

We now have tools to do massive things - even define radical change and start influencing decision makers - we are all just now learning how to use them.

Ironically it's the technology tools and platform that we've been developing within our Theme Green platform for now close to 5 years.  Write once - publish everywhere!

This YouTube Video is both compelling and profound in the growing trend of Mass Collaboration!

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Subject: ThemeGreen Upgrades
(Posted on Jul 5, 2009 at 08:13PM)
Major upgrades to team, applications and strategy:

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Subject: announcing our latest custom cms!
(Posted on Jun 30, 2009 at 05:27PM)
Our team just finished up Terra Centric Adventures CMS platform.

Terra Centric are and adventure tour company located in beautiful Lund British Columbia, Canada - the gateway to the Desolation Sound and arguably
one of the most scenic places on the planet!

These guys are living a constant post card. Their business is taking people on tours of the area - some so memorable that they are sought after by adventure seeking Europeans or Japanese tourists that have largly heard of the by word of mouth.

"This is truly one of the places you want to 'put on your list"; says Steven Arsenault. CEO of

"We wanted to build a platform that truly reflected the magical beauty of the area while allowing their staff the ease of updates. Since we are constantly developing social media platforms and social media tools, we were really excited to integrate things like our IMGY 'GPS" galleries into their platform.

Image you are traveling here from Germany. You want to immediately share your images, the location you shot the image, comment and collaborate with your friends and family back home.

With our integration of Terra Centric's platform, they can. Users upload their images. Once click and all their spots - Twitter, Facebook - even their Outlook contacts are alerted of the updates!"

Terra Centric requested a "very" simple CMS back end data system. It took the entire staff a very short time to learn & navigate. We hear from so many clients that their current back end user system is so hard to navigate & figure out, that most times they get lost & won't go in and make necessary changes to their website.

Our head programmer came up with a super dead easy back end admin door that allows clients to quickly & easily make any changes, upgrades, or uploads to their existing website without having to stress themselves out!

This also saves the client time & money, since they don't have to call upon us to go in & make changes every time they need changes made to their website.

There are 2 innovations to this CMS driven system that make it an integral part of their Search Strategy.

1. We build a special search app allowing Terra Centric to optimize their site. If we used Google's search - it would serve up competitors info as well as their own.
2. Staff have access to ALL images, including header images. They are avid photographers in that part of the world, so they can update their header images without coming back to us.

Other important integrations:

The gallery we built for them - awesome and they can display and feature almost any image size!

Our social platforms are now integrated into Terra Centric's platform.

Our Theme Green social membership and broadcasting platform enhances Terra Centric's goal of getting to the top of search engines - and lit up on all social spots.

Their Theme Green membership has built in Facebook apps, broadcasting tools that light up their Twitter and Facebook spots, plus any other social platform on the Internet.

Terra Centric can now focus on their adventure tour business while their new web property takes care of their Social Image!

Overall we are very proud of this build!

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Subject: Michael Jackson and Farrah the same day
(Posted on Jun 25, 2009 at 07:51PM)
I remember talking about encounters with Michael while staying at my friend's home in LA and looking at the pics on his wall he took of Farrah pre star on a skate board shoot back in the '80's.

Things were way different in those days. Strange that I am now in that age group to remember the private stories about just 'people' who touched our lives. Now they are gone and we're seeing them for the last time on major media.

It's going to be a real jolt when one of The Stones passes...since my LA friend  traveled with them for close to a year and we got back stage passes for the years into the '90's they were on tour!

God rest the souls of the recently departed - and a reason for us all to live well while we are living - we are all dead for a very long time...

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Subject: Sat Night and Father's Day
(Posted on Jun 20, 2009 at 09:21PM)
Everyone came over to wish the old man happy Father's Day - even my Rock & Roll daughter

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Subject: iPhone to ThemeGreen Blog interface
(Posted on Jun 11, 2009 at 11:38AM)
We've been asked by our iPhone users for an easy app that they can update their ThemeGreen Blogs from their iPhones with the same broadcasting features they have access to from their desk or laptop machines.

Phase one of the application is now being unveiled. iPhone and other smart phone users now have handy access to their ThemeGreen Blogs

From their iPhone, ThemeGreen members can enter their blog posts and have their Twitter accounts updated with an auto small URL back the the full detail, their Facebook profile updated, RSS and other news feeds updated, several kinds of widgets, while emails and SMS members following each blog post are contacted.

"This is the first of a suite of automation tools aimed at the mobile market"; says Steven Arsenault, CEO of - the creators of

"The world is going mobile and we want to help drive it."

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Subject: Twitter Will Change The Way We Live
(Posted on Jun 5, 2009 at 11:22AM)
I love this article in today's (June 5, 2009) TIME magazine.

The article sums up just what is happening all around us - as 'instant branding' and communications comes alive. While most of us have discounted this, people are becoming more connected in an instant with a 140 character message.

We know what people had for breakfast, where they are in their lives, their relationships and activities.

It is awe inspiring when you think about it!,8599,1902604,00.html
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Subject: Rock This Weekend
(Posted on Jun 5, 2009 at 08:55AM)
Summer's here with a Rock Show at the Red Room.

Hope to see all my peeps there!

(Supporting my youngest daughter!)


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Subject: Wind Powers the Planet
(Posted on Jun 4, 2009 at 08:05AM)
Wind has powered parts of the planet for a very long time, and was in the minds of science writers of the '40's - envisioning harnessing constant winds at higher altitudes.

Wind power today is taking many forms from huge skyscrapers to strange looking devices high in the altitude where there is constant wind flow.

Today's designers have their sights set on more elaborate designs. This link is a great source of wind energy innovation - past and present!

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Subject: Facebook Email Hijacks My Machine
(Posted on Jun 3, 2009 at 11:07AM)
Yesterday it took me 5 hours to fix virus created when I opened an email sent from a friend of mine.

The guys at helped me out and got my PC going again.

1 877 464 6433

Local Guys - great attitudes - make things happen.

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Subject: Forever Blonde The Movie Kicks Off Strong @ Cannes Film Festival
(Posted on May 27, 2009 at 03:46PM)
Last week's Cannes Film Festival saw the successful debut of 'Forever Blonde', a documentary movie featuring the last interview with Marilyn Monroe before her tragic death.

"Our distributors are just back from Cannes with fantastic news of twenty (20) territories secured - with a further thirty (30) in negotiation. A great start for this documentary production.

Marilyn Monroe was an unforgettable figure in Cannes so many years ago.  It's fitting that this film would start its distribution debut from this venue." reports Kelly Johnston, of BBG Ltd.

"All those of us working on this project has made significant contributions over the years and like with any production, there were hurdles and sacrifices. Now everyone's loyalty, patience, support and enthusiasm for this project is coming to fruition. We are all excited to see the project take on a life of its own." has been involved with 'Forever Blonde' since the early development and investment stages, created and powers the movie's Internet property, its social networking platform, its media platform and various automation tools that support the ongoing promotion and support of the documentary production.

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Subject: Hi Resolution WebCam Gear Up
(Posted on May 26, 2009 at 06:11PM)
Anticipation mounts as we gear up for installation of Hi Res web cams for the extreme wilderness and remote viewing of Wild Grizzlies and other wild creatures.

"Today is a spectacular day and a great showing of the kinds of images we will be capturing in the wilderness for the entire planet to view live. We've been running the cams live for the past few months in BC's extreme weather without a hitch!"; reports Steven Arsenault, CEO WebStager, the parent company behind

"The technology to be able to power these cameras in the remote locations they will be placed, then the satellite technology to transmit the images live so anyone visiting our specially designed bear platform powered by our very own ThemeGreen is amazing

I am just excited to see what the next few years brings us. Being able to deliver images of wild creatures and their private lives brings extreme
visibility to these creatures and their habitat - then have people use our platforms in a social networking environment to collaborate, share and exchange ideas about this worthy cause. As more people become aware of wild creatures, they will care more and become involved in global causes.

We expect great things to evolve from this endevour!"

(To learn more about the bear project or join the movement - )

Click the image above to experience the Hi Res Web Cam live (5 second image change)

This is a sample of the image quality. Following the live link will give viewers a glimpse of the quality of the images we'll be transmitting live towards the end of the summer giving the planet a glimpse into the private lives of wild creatures.

WebStager is working with a well known production company on a made for TV series on this exciting undertaking.

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Subject: Forever Blonde The Movie - WebStager Powered
(Posted on May 26, 2009 at 05:40PM)
A huge success in last week's Cannes Film Festival. built and designed the interactive web property

Rave Reviews from this years Cannes Film Festival. Star of the movie Sunny Thompson holds such a real resemblance to the late Marilyn Munroe she shocked Cannes attendees.

Quote from the Producer Kelly Johnson of BBG Ltd.

"The film did exceptionally well and has been secured for many foreign markets and now US and Canadian markets."
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Subject: Road Less Traveled
(Posted on May 26, 2009 at 01:58PM)
I like this format...

The imagery on the site is awesome - or maybe I'am just getting older!

Now I just need to find that road...

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Subject: Facebook Updates added to ThemeGreen Blogs
(Posted on May 25, 2009 at 04:56PM)

When we started building our blogs what now seems to me like a lifetime ago, I thought that all of the features I wanted would be created already! To my surprise they weren't. That's when I decided to have our team build them ourselves.

I wanted a simple blog, capable of quick text and image entry. The big thing for me was broadcasting technologies that would light up the Internet with my blog posts - rather than publishing all my work- then manually entering each of my other social memberships and running through step by step processes of each platform - I dreamed of a blog platform that would publish my information on all the popular platforms.

Think of the time I'd save.

What's more, I'd be contributing to the overall task of automating Internet Marketing for anyone wanting to get the most from their blog posts.

That was then and here we are years later! Our blogs are an integral part of our various social networking properties. Blog owners can easily create as many unique blogs as they want, each one with a static domain name to attract search engine. In addition, we build RSS feeds into each blog entry along with various forms of widgets allowing the entire blog or simple 'news feed' publication on designated or 'public' web sites or blogs. We added the ability to enter email contacts from your Outlook, then mobile contacts so SMS messages can be sent of blog updates.

Last week we added a cool new interface along with the Twitter account updates. Later in the week we added the ability to integrate our own Location Based Galleries - called IMGY into your blog creations.

This week I am pleased to announce the integration of your Facebook account with ThemeGreen member blog updates.

This adds to the capability of building our blog technology into an Internet Marketing powerhouse. If marketers can use our social media tools to enhance their position online, while saving time with our write once, publish everywhere technology, they are in a good spot in this tough economy.

The ThemeGreen Team

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Subject: Blogs Update Twitter, Carry Imaging Mini Widgets
(Posted on May 22, 2009 at 12:44PM)
Our new blog broadcasting features are sweet!

Twitter Updates. Members can now create multiple blogs, chronicle their adventures, travels, whatever while broadcasting features keep their email, mobile and widget contacts up to date. Our member blogs can now auto update your Twitter account with a direct link to full blog details, images and more.

Have you ever been frustrated with Twitter and the lack of detail or images in your Tweet? Updating ThemeGreen member blogs with text and images is so easy. Nowyour Twitter messages can carry rich content at the touch of a button. No fussing with TinyURL entry, account sign in, etc.

Press one button and poof!

IMGY Mini Widgets can now be carried on your Blogs! Our very own location based Google integrated galleries. Member can build their own
interactive maps, then place images on their maps with descriptions for others to comment of collaborate. Widget code allows others to publish on their own web sites or blog to receive immediate updates. Now your Mini widgets can be published on your blogs so there is a central location for interactive updates.

See all the feature examples -
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Subject: Twitter Updates Live
(Posted on May 20, 2009 at 04:30PM)

As part of our ongoing goals of simplifying the process of automated Internet Marketing, we've implemented an optional feature to update blog updates to your Twitter and Facebook account.

You can set your login credentials in the settings. Each time a new blog entry is posted it will automatically generate a 140 status update and post it to your twitter account. If there are any authentication or other errors it will alert the user.

Also, in the new sidebar when viewing blogs it will show a list of all of the latest twitter updates.

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Subject: Toba Valley Grizzly Survey
(Posted on May 17, 2009 at 09:25AM)
Amazing couple of days in the Toba Valley and surrounding area.

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Subject: Howe Sound WebCam Installed
(Posted on Mar 13, 2009 at 12:52PM)
We got the Hi Res webcam installed today viewing up Howe Sound. Ferry Schedules coming!

Click the image or this link to view the changing weather patterns and marine traffic - including BC Ferries!

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Subject: Need Better Branding - Get Noticed Online
(Posted on Feb 9, 2009 at 08:20PM)



What other people know about you is your brand. Usually it's a cool logo, a useful product or some sitcky commercial. Brands are all around us and the ones with the most exposure are the ones that stand out. What about if no one know anything about your great brand or tell you your look is old and dated? You need better brand awareness.

It's now potentially possible to reach millions of readers and become the voice of thousands using an array of new communications methods. There are so many mediums, so many choices, it's hard to know what is going to produce results. A while back it was Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC), then MySpace, now it's Facebook and other social media outlets. Lets not forget Email Marketing and Online Press Releases.Today Blogging is all powerful, now, MicroBlogging sites like Twitter are all of a sudden popular and predicted to take over many facits of Digital Marketing.

WebStager specializes in getting the most from these mediums to create the most traffic to your site. We've even developed our own technologies that amplify all of our online traffic attracting processes. Why not talk to us about your goals.

Read thorough some of the Digital Marketing processes that we use to drive more traffic to websites - be it our own Social Networking Platform in the Green space called - Theme - or our client companies:

More Traffic

Social Networking and Social Media Platforms

With Social Media and Social Networking used by just about everyone, getting the attention your brand needs can only benefit from Social Networking and the various the Social Media services and platforms. It's now possible with all these powerful networks for companies to literally speak to millions of people via social networking and social media platforms. It is now possible with all these powerful networks for
companies to literally speak to millions of people and utilizing WebStager's 'write once and publish everywhere' application tools and platforms, manage the process with minimal effort.

If the chances are something is written about your company on some social networking site, social media platform, blog or what ever - taking charge of your brand starts here. At WebStager, we've been developing social networking platforms and social media applications for a long time. We even operate several of our own member based social networking platforms in the travel and Green Themed areas with 10's of thousands of members.  We are able to use our own member platforms that are customized to suite any client's needs as staging grounds for our own social networking and social media development. The point is, we are very passionate about this technology and can quickly determine the right fit in the sea of social for you!

What ever your requirements, we can help you define and implement a productive social networking or social media strategy.

Online Press Releases

Since PressReleases arepowerful marketing and advertising mediums, there couldn't be a better of a way to add this tool to aid in promoting Brand Awareness.

 Did you know that Press Releases are the MOST powerful marketing and advertising on the planet?  In our experience, online press releases
combined with email marketing can create a huge surge of traffic. We'd say that press releases are a big part of getting noticed. Combine
Online Press Releases with a press distribution system and you have got a serious media engine capable of delivering a huge surge in business! We figured this out years ago providing online press release services for client companies. We discovered that our manual efforts resulted in
huge increases in online positioning via search engine with a single online press release production. That's when the light came on for us. If our manual efforts at producing press releases (which were mostly repetitive except the content) was effective, if we enhanced our processes and integrated them into our own social networking platforms and social media applications, that would result in a serious platform to attract online exposure.

Talk to us about getting your news automated online.


More Traffic

Creative, Fun Interactive Email Campaigns

The 'Inbox' is still 'the' number one online application. Email marketing, if managed properly still attracts significant traffic. No one pays attention to poor attempts at email campaigns (newsletters) any longer. People want to see fun, interactive, well thought out & relevant email campaigns. Segregating clients email lists into categories of what that customer wants to be alerted is the new eMail marketing code. Customers want to feel that you are personally attending to their individual needs. Gone are the days when email campaigns are so broad stroked that there is no individualization, or personalization. Creating a forward to others with a call to an incentive or promo will definitely get your campaign forwarded from the original sender. Planned properly, well executed campaigns can enhance your SEO efforts and be a keystone in your Digital Marketing efforts.

We have a lot of expertise in Email Marketing plus our own server technology. Ask us how we can help.

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SMS Mobile Marketing

In the next few years you will see more & more businesses using SMS (short messaging service, or text messages) marketing initiates & establishing a more cozy one to one relationship with their consumers. Theory is that while your customer base is out & about shopping, or on the road retailers will see the need to send SMS campaigns to your PDA's to let you know why they should come into shop. Last minute sales, promos and just arrived. We are ahead of the curve in this area. Our Social Networking platforms are SMS enabled, plus our Blogs, micro Blogs and IMGY galleries all have SMS Mobile messaging applications already built into them!

Mobile is definitely here to stay.


More Traffic
Contests and Promotions

Funny as it may seem but everyone loves a contest or promotion. Combined with email campaigns these types of activities can create huge traffic. We've build lots of quirky online contests like our 'What's Your Chinese Horoscope' which was combined with a cosmetics web site's products and generated online sales as part of the campaign. Bricks and mortar locations often experience surges in in store traffic. If a contest or online promotion is designed properly it will enhance your search rankings (SEO) or create a viral following  like our Grizzly Bear project and our 'What's Your Bear Personality?'

 Ask us to show you some campaign examples.


SEO, Search Engine Optimization

There are now more than one billion people online daily & all looking for something. As more and more people get online, search engines are becoming more and more popular. Other than email, search engines are the second most used application on the Internet. These days when people want to learn about something of find out more about a company, they 'Google' them.  Search has become the Internet's second most used application (the 'Inbox' is number 1). Most people don' go past the 1st or 2nd page when they type in a keyword or key phrase (what they are looking for) when searching for something online. By optimizing the content & link exchange profile on your web site the search engines will see you as 'relevant & useful' which will translate to more people seeing you online. We have developed an automated SEO processes that takes all the work out of old school methodologies of search engine optimization. One click & your web content automatically spiders  the search engines.

 Let us show you.

PPC, or Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC are the paid ads that businesses run & they show up on the right hand column (sponsored links) they also show up at the top of the search engines organic listing with a shaded blue or mustard colored background. PPC allows you to control & advertise where your brand or business will show up. A properly run PPC campaign run in any search engine will get you placed ahead of your competition & allows you to get your web presence seen when someone searches for what you have to offer. This requires careful timing, popular keywords that consumers type in & ads that are carefully & wisely created. This, in turn, will increase traffic to your web site.

Creating A Potent Brand Awareness

To generate a strong & sticky online awareness you have to implement many facets to your business. Social networking platforms that are customized, email campaigns, SMS campaigns, automated SEO application, strong & potent graphic and visual art, relevant & searched for web content, properly formatted web sites, interactive mediums that get & keep people interested in your web offering.

 Create a reason to keep them coming back.

Blogs, Micro Blogs

Blogs are becoming all the rage and they are an important part of your Digital Marketing strategy. Search engines like what they call original and changing content, and bloggers certainly fill that bill. Search engines also like links to other sites, the more sites that link to your site (from sites that are in similar of complementary businesses) the better and results in better search positioning. Since blogs are a combination of all of these, the more popular blogs are rewarded with higher search recognition. Micro blog sites like Twitter have taken off even more. A short news clip with broadcasting technology to all your friends each time you make an entry while Twitter's widgets deliver news feeds o designated web properties. 

 At WebStager, we've developed our own Blog, Mirco Blog and Widget technology focused on enhancing a company's social media marketing efforts. We can help you identify the aspects of your social media that are important, then help you implement a program that works. Ask us.

IMGY Galleries & Widgets

Try our location based Imaging app and you'll forever view images and personal galleries in a different light!

Micro Blogging and Widget Applications are revolutionizing the ways creative companies are delivering their message. IMGY is our own location based personal gallery fused with Micro Blog technology. This cleaver application is packed with Digital Marketing tools and captures a number of techniques to deliver your rich media message - or simply create your own location based personal galleries for your customer base to receive updates as you load images.

Take a test drive and create your own IMGY!


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Subject: WebStager Unveils New ThemeGreen Amplification Features
(Posted on Jan 1, 2009 at 05:25PM)
New ThemeGreen Look with stimulating new collaboration features.

As 2009 enters into swing, WebStager, ThemeGreen's parent company unveils bold approach to online promotion.  A host of blog and imaging tools have been developed to allow publishers to 'write
once, publish, resonate and distribute news or rich media everywhere'.

With so many options available to promote a cause online, it's becoming increasingly more difficult and time consuming to get the job done in a timely manner.

ThemeGreen's suite of auto blogs and IMGY galleries combine many time consuming processes into one low stress module.

Now news or rich media can be quickly broadcast to popular social media sites
at the touch of a button. At the same time email or mobile contacts are notified or SMS messages sent to designated mobile users.

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Subject: iPhone Apps Represent New Window Of Opportunity For Retail
(Posted on Dec 30, 2008 at 09:12AM)
Now everyone wants to be mobile!

Source: Metrics Marketing Blog -Thursday, December 11, 2008

After all the same store sales plunges, consumer spending pullbacks,
profit nosedives and pricing collapses, one of the few the most
positive image of 2008 can be found in a swirling picture of snow set
against an iPhone screen and a big red bullseye. With Target, Amazon,
and The Gap leading the way, the past two weeks has definitely put
mobile applications on the retail agenda to stay.

“It’s a
very similar market to ten years ago when retailers started flocking to
online advertising,” says Chris Negron, sales executive for online
music service Pandora. “Now everyone wants to be mobile."...

WebStager comments:

Mobile advertising is largely misunderstood and the mobile industry has done a great job of keeping the veil of secrecy or what should be called the veil of misunderstanding on the concept.

Start Simple.  Mobile advertising need not be that complicated. Start with something simple - like a SMS (text message) campaign. Notify everyone on your text message list when a hot product arrives. Start a contest that allows people to listen to your cool radio ad campaign. Be creative. It's not that hard, you just need to be creative. Integrate a SMS message into your current email campaigns. WebStager has all the tools and applications that can get you started in a simple yet effective mobile campaign.
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Subject: Making Money and Online Promotion In This Slow Economy
(Posted on Nov 17, 2008 at 07:01PM)

Our prediction is that smart companies are going to build their online presences even more to engage their user base and generate additional revenue.  Here are some things to consider:

·    Even though consumers are spending less, surveys say people are keeping their cell phones and Internet – which means there will be even more people online.
·   Online  Internet usage is surging. Last count over 149 million web properties and close to 1.5 billion users. Expect even more as the reality of a tight economy takes firmer hold.
·    Social Media and online interactivity is now a buzz word ‘must have’ for every web site.
·    Email or the ‘inbox’ is still the largest used Internet application.
·    Email marketing campaigns if designed and run properly have shown significant returns and revenue increase.
·    Smart marketing companies (like WebStager) are now starting to integrate the email marketing with unique database and social media
applications for even more profit potential.
·    The US Presidential Election was historical indeed for many reasons – one of them in creating an environment that social media was acknowledged as the single factor for the campaign’s resounding success.
·    The Democratic campaign’s focused use of social media elements resulted in a grass roots movement  and record money being raised online.
·   Social media and interactivity are now mainstream and must have for every web property, according to just about every news outlet that
analyzed the reasons for the success.
·    The Internet is evolving as a powerful force for any business these days as traditional advertising methods are becoming obsolete making way for a more engaging and profitable medium.

Traditional advertising formulas – the 4 ‘P’s – product, price, place and promotion – the once keystones of any advertising and promotion campaign from a 1960’s era of marketing are now dead. There are new terms evolving defining online success – now referred to as the ‘5 C’s’.

The Internet has opened up an entirely new realm of instant marketing and collaborative communities. New instant metrics are defining online success.

1, Clicks Now, search engines are delivering users to sites based on their page rank and position in search engines based on the phrases people
key into search engines.

An entirely new science has evolved in the effort to get sites to the top of these search gods. The fate of millions of dollars in online revenue may be at stake prompting companies to look closely to search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing fall into this realm in an effort to attract all important traffic.

2. Commerce While one part of the Internet is measuring traffic or clicks to a site, automation tools are increasingly playing an important part. Ecommerce delivers the ability to sell online while engaging communities that are already customers in meaningful ways (like email marketing) are proving invaluable in delivering results in record online sales.

For companies with bricks and mortar, engaging online communities properly results in increased retail ‘instore’ traffic. Once thought as a fluke
is now documented fact adding to the value of a well managed email marketing campaigns generate collaboration, commerce, clicks and

3. Community & 4. Collaboration Recently the value of community and collaboration technologies have revealed themselves as part of the mystery of online presence. Social media sites are proving their signifigance while niche communities even in specialty products are proving invaluable in helping generating revenue. Allowing users to share and exchange their ideas, experiences, both positive and negative are increasing sales as people respond to a balanced perspective. WebStager builds custom community and collaboration technologies.

5. Content In order to keep users engaged in a web property plus keep pace with the constant shift of the search engines, We are now seeing rich media such as video, images and even applications WebStager has developed as a fusion of the popular Google Maps with image placement, collaboration and community.

Other technologies adding the overall mix called the new Internet are given the name Web 2.0. Web 2.0 allows us the flexibility to create, exchange and share information in more ways than ever before.

The reality of all this interactivity is that there are more opportunities than ever before to attract online traffic.

For creative and innovative publishers that are looking to use this powerful medium to set themselves apart by defining their space online,
WebStager’s NewsTools are for you!

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Subject: Bring The Fun Back!
(Posted on Aug 22, 2008 at 07:37PM)

     The Key to Great Online Advertising Results.

In these tough economic times, it’s time to bring the fun back in online advertising.

 "Advertising is based on one thing… happiness. Happiness is the smell of a new car. It's freedom from fear. It's a billboard on the side of the road that screams with reassurance 'whatever you're doing, its ok, you are ok.'" (Don Draper, "Mad Men")

Mad Men is going into a much anticipated season two this fall. Funny that a show based on a 60’s era Ad Agency when ad type men were kings of advertising has caught on. So should the message.

Perhaps the message above is conveying a wake up call for any of us focused on making a success of any online presence.

Online advertising for the most part up until now has been all about efficiency and speed – not about entertaining someone or having fun.  So far it’s been all about the numbers with conversion tracking, visits verse hits ecommerce, database crumbs to track consumer buying habits when they do make an online buying decision combined with tracking your stats in Google Analytics… Web 2.0 has given advertisers an incredible set of tools to create portable, localized media experiences. Video, rich media, feeds, games, maps, polls -- the tools are available.

Find cool ways to syndicate your brand experience, create contests or engage your end user. Now there are blogs, micro blogs, widget code, email notifications, instant messaging and even iPhone apps to broadcast your brand - just to name a few. People are starting to use these tools in very creative ways.

As an online and email marketing company combined with being a developer of social media tools and platforms, we’ve experienced first hand the results of 'fun campaigns'. Surges in online sales, Alexa ranking jumps, applications becoming the focal point of a company's web site, the buzz in the air when something works well! Spin offs are excited clients coming into bricks and mortar stores with genuine excitement after a contest or cheeky email campaign.

Fun is definitely ‘in’ as the formula for fruitful campaigns.

Making fau part of your own online strategy most definitely spells success.

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Subject: Grizzly Bear BioSphere Project
(Posted on Jun 23, 2008 at 07:32PM)

On Thursday, May 15, 2008 at 8AM it was indeed a cloudy day in Campbell
River, BC.

It was so cloudy that my technician and I wondered if bush pilots flew in this type of weather - or if the day would turn out sunny as was the forecast.


We boarded our chartered float plane to fly us up the Bute Inlet, an inland fjord (a long narrow arm of the sea) located on Canada's west coast of British Columbia. 

As we got on our way, the pilot turned to the both of us and asked; "Have either one of you been up here before?"


It turned out that it was the first day on the job and we were his first  passengers. Our destination was Orford Valley, a unique river valley biosphere containing a diversity of wildlife, old growth forests and every fall up to 40 Grizzly bears. The Grizzly bears are there to feast on the annual salmon migration.

Starting in late summer, adult salmon return to the streams they started as eggs after a battle against almost all odds to survive. The lucky and the strong have fought for 4 years in the open ocean against numerous predators. Instinct brings them back to spawn, then die. The bears and other wildlife also await their return. 

Our trip was to start a survey of the Bute Inlet for the future install of a Broadband Internet network, capable of handling live video and VOIP traffic. In the Orford, we are surveying the surrounding area to install web cams in strategic locations throughout the valley. The web cams will be positioned in areas of high Grizzly bear activity during the annual salmon migration in late summer, early fall. Live footage and stored video libraries will be available to members of the Bears of Bute area of our social networking platform.


Members will be able to connect with one another, form groups, write articles and blogs while accessing video and still photos of Grizzlies and other wildlife in the unique and natural biosphere habitat of the Orford Valley. By sharing and exchanging ideas among members the goal is to raise awareness of the delicate Eco system that sustains the Grizzly population not only in the Orford Valley, but the entire Bute Inlet. Salmon are the keystone to an entire Eco system including the Salmon Forests and all the wildlife that depend on the annual migration for their food source.


Prudent management of salmon stocks in the Orford Valley of the Bute Inlet is a key element to saving our entire Eco system. Grizzly bears and other wildlife in the area depend on this as a source of “survival”. Learning from this example may, very well become a model for other areas on the planet to follow.



Additional photos can be seen at this location -

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