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Subject: Smart Phone Growth Rate To Surpass Laptops
(Posted on Mar 17, 2010 at 05:30PM)

Tags: Broadcast blogs, Smartphones, iphone, broadcating blogs, custom blogs
The rate of growth of smart phones is destine to overtake regular computers - as early as 2012 analysts are predicting.

Wow. It seems like just yesterday I got a hold of my first Ericsson digital phone, then was given a Blackberry by the VP of Telus for a large consulting project I was conducting for the BC Government. He told me when I looked strangely at this seemingly antiquated piece of equipment that once I tried it, I wouldn't want to give it back.

He was right! I've been hooked on smart phones since.

Now a lot of the traditional manufacturers like Intel and Microsoft are getting into more the mobile game. Intel is trying again after a failed attempt while Microsoft has recently unveiled a new mobile version of Windows.

Pretty soon young people will be saying to their parents; "What was it like not having full Internet access and being able to enjoy a true Internet experience on your smart phone?"                                
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