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Subject: iPad App unveiled.
(Posted on Jul 17, 2010 at 10:09AM)

Tags: iPad Apps, social media distribution, Easy Digital Broadcasting
We've made digital broadcasting EASY from your iPad.  You can now update your digital broadcasting blogs from your iPad or iPhone! Since I received delivery of the iPad I was disappointed that I couldn’t use the power of our digital broadcasting platform from my iPad. Months before we experienced the same disappointment with the iPhone – the browser doesn’t support may taken for granted features on a laptop so most apps don’t work. Now we unveiled the first of many iPad apps. A simple interface allowing blog updates from the iPad or new iPhone. Access from these mobile devices allows updates using the OneBigBroadcast back end to distribute the information to all social media spots, track results and attract search engines.  Now automating social media while attracting search engine rankings is mobile from the iPad.

Access to useful programs such as our OneBigBroadcast digital broadcast blogs are now accessible via mobile device such as the iPad and iPhone

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Subject: iPad Arrives - Cool Platform
(Posted on Jun 22, 2010 at 04:21PM)

Tags: iPad, iPad Apps, social media distribution
Fed Ex delivered the newest 3G 64 gig IPad today - ahead of the development tools and accessories we ordered.

All I can say is - this device is amazing and awesome combined (thanks 'bachelorettes' Jillian (my neighbour) from last year and what's her name from this year for the descriptive words).

What made an impression on me was the size - or lack of it. The device is running at about the size of a baseball cap yet it's highly functional and easy to use. While I wait for delivery of the 3G SIM card, I managed to connect to my WiFi network with ease. Running through the Internet - I must say it is a shame that Apple can't put their ego away and allow the support of Flash. Puts me in mind of a little kid in the play ground refusing to give up his pager that he's had all of his like while all the other kids are surfing the web on their smart phones.

At least Safari supports HTML 5 - although I did find some bugs with this Safari Mobile that Apple still has to fix.

Never the less - the iPad is waaaaaay cool. Our development team is waiting with baited breath now that they've heard I've received mine. We've got some way cool GPS based apps ready to load and try on this truly game changing device.

Apple does it again.
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Subject: Social Media Distribution
(Posted on Apr 22, 2010 at 09:38AM)

Tags: social media, social media distribution
I've learned a lot about the secret world of Corporate Jet owners while building the web space for Envoy Jet. 1. Planes look awesome everywhere - especially on location shooting pics in Hawaii! 2.People are still buying corporate jets and there are great deals out there. $20 mil instead of $50! Great deals. It was fun ...implementing all the pieces of our social distribution platform then Facebook Fan Page apps. I must say kudos to our design team - it's a great look and I am already hearing complements. This build is a great example of social media integration with 'high flying items'.
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