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WebStager Sets Sail With Cooper Boating For Social Collaboration

Steven Arsenault, CEO of is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Cooper Boating to enhance its group of boating Internet properties on multiple social fronts.

Cooper Boating, a name synonymous with all things Boating Vancouver since the 1980’s is embracing extreme interactive social media and social networking communities – and WebStager is delivering their message while building and enhancing their collaborative communities far and wide.

Boating Vancouver

WebStager will be engaging their global creative team to enhance the look and feel of their web sites engaging community and social interaction. Under the hood, WebStager will be engaging it’s suite of social media applications from their interactive web site – to transform Cooper Boating into the obvious choice for ‘Boating Vancouver’ – while integrating everything social.

Boating Vancouver


Social media is on everyone’s mind and the integration of’s suite of applications will exponentially enhance Cooper Boating’s social media status.Our technology platforms enable companies to ‘supercharge’ their search efforts while largely enhancing and automating all their social media placements;” says Steven Arsenault, co founder and CEO of WebStager group of Internet properties.

Search engine placement and social media interaction have never been more important - both are areas that WebStager's technologies focus on.

The Internet is changing. We are seeing before our eyes the downfall of a company's web site domain name or URL in favor of search engines, social media and other game changing technologies.

A few years back it was important to have the right domain name to achieve a strong Internet presence. Not any longer. Search engine popularity has changed all that. Now people simply 'Google' everything – so it’s more important than ever to engage a solid search strategy. If your competitor's site shows up in a search and yours doesn't - you lose. To compound the demise of the domain name, new browsers now have built in search boxes making search access an integral part of any browser.

Parallel with search, Micro blogging sites like Twitter have created 'instant branding' in 140 characters or less. Instant branding is game changing for online web properties. Growing trends are also the use of the Tiny URL to enhance the Twitter experience.

WebStager’s suite of social media tools combined with its social networking engine address these above issues into a cohesive and measurable Internet Marketing strategy.  These enhancements will empower Cooper Boating’s Internet properties to deeply connect with their vast boating community while delivering their message almost effortlessly far and wide.”

Cooper Boating is representative of the west coast boating lifestyle. Their manufacturing division builds the all new Martin 244 club sailing boat. JIB SET, (the place for Sailing Vancouver) sailing club allows sailing enthusiasts to sail in a fun and social environment. Cooper Boating's educational arm runs nautical courses where students can learn just about anything from boating safety to full off shore navigation. Cooper Boating also has their charter division. Families or groups can charter one of Cooper's power or sailing vessels for a multi night adventure in magical destinations like the Gulf Islands, the Sunshine Coast or Desolation Sound.

Cooper Boating is committed to maintaining its position as ‘The Place For Boating’ by enhancing its online presence for its growing community and being an active part of the digital boating age while WebStager delivers the horsepower and means to accomplish the task.

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