Bute Inlet Imgy Gallery

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1.2 Males size up the humans
2.Raptors sharing the valley.
3.Homalco First Nation totem welcomes you to Orford Valley Bear Country. Notice Bear Totem beside large totem. Copy and past this link into browser http://www.themegreen.com/bears/draft/draft.html
4.Approaching from high up was quite a trip. Now I know what crash bars are for.
5.Flying into the Orford by float plane, you realize just how special this unique biosphere is.
6.Sonora Lodge -  is an absolute jewel amid one of Canada's most alluring, pristine environments. Sonora's expert guides bring travelers from around the planet to experience the awe of the Grizzly valley.
7.Morning breaking over mountain tops gives one a sense of just how remote this place is.
8.Grizzly catching Chum Salmon close to where the new fish hatchery is currently being built.