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1.Our Milk Snake is a non poisonous member of the King Snake family. His marking make him similar to the Coral Snake which is poisonous.
2.Got an insect issue, our Chameleon works for bugs - as many as you have!
3.Snappy the Caiman.
4.Our massive Boa.
5.Our Blue Tongue Skink.
6.Our banded kingsnake.
7.Leopard Geckos eating a meal.
9.Red Eye Tree Frog
11.Albino Python
12.Yes - my tongue is blue! I am a long way from my real home.
13.Parrots are active and always happy to see the kids.
14.She's over 20 now!
15.Our alligator waiting for it's breakfast.
16.The Sugar Glider is named for its preference for sweet foods and its ability to glide through the air, much like a flying squirrel.
17.Uniquely adapted for climbing and visual hunting, the approximately 160 species of chameleon range from Africa, Madagascar, Spain and Portugal, across south Asia, to Sri Lanka, have been introduced to Hawaii and California, and are found in warm habitats that vary from rain forest to desert conditions.
18.Tortoises or land turtles are land-dwelling reptiles of the family of Testudinidae, order Testudines.
19.Chinchillas are  rodents, slightly larger than ground squirrels, native to the Andes mountains in South America.
Chinchillas are almost extinct in the wild due to over hunting. Did you know they live to almost 20 years. 
Their fur is so thick that they never get parisites like fleas. 
Chinchillas cannot get wet fur, that's why they bath in dust. 
If you have a Chinchilla at home and it gets wet, immediately dry with a towel and hair dryer. They may get fur rot or fungus since their hair does not dry naturally.