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Blog Title: XK and XKE Users | View Blog
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This website is maintained by the Administrator of the Jaguar XK 120/140/150 & E-Type Owners Group on Facebook. The Group is the largest Worldwide Network of  Jaguar XK 120/140/150 & E-Type Owners on Facebook spanning 21 countries with over 100 cars and Members. Over 600 pictures galore of Jag XK 120/140/150 and E-Types.

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A new product is surfacing using recycled tire material to remove oil from water. Cool.

Green Energy Spending - $100 Million in The US

Here's where the money's slated to go for  Green Energy stimulus:


Conservation programs: ($24 billion House, $15 billion Senate) Aimed at existing government facilities. Focus on getting out of work construction companies back to work.

Public transportation: ($13 billion House, $8.5 billion Senate)  Improving public transit to discourage personal driving.

Renewable energy loans: ($10 billion Senate, $8 billion House) - These work like outright grants for various renewable energy and transmission projects in the early stages of development.

Wave power,
Offshore wind 
Innovative solar projects
More traditional renewable energy projects.

Power lines: $6.5 billion - The US has a shortage of power line capacity, plus upgrades to cites from area implementing Green Power projects.
Nuclear waste cleanup: $6.4 billion (Senate) - This would pay for cleanup at old nuclear weapons facilities.

Smart grid: $4.5 billion  Kick starting improving efficiencies of the current grid.

Advanced vehicle grants: $3.2 billionLoan guarantee for the development of electric vechiles.

National parks and public land improvements: $3 billion - Environmental cleanup efforts on public land.

Environmental cleanup: $1 billion (Senate) - Cleanup up at old industrial sites and other areas currently monitored by the EPA.

Tax breaks

Large-scale wind projects: $13 billion ÃTax break for wind projects -  a subsidy of around 30%.

Large-scale renewable projects: $11 billion  Tax break for  business that invest in renewable energy.

Home conservation: $4.3 billion - Homeowners various efficiency measures The value of the tax credit is capped at $1,500.

Renewable energy and conservation bonds: $1.5 billion - State governments raise money for renewable energy and conservation projects by issuing bonds backed by the federal government.

Renewable energy manufacturing: $1.4 billion Companies that make renewable energy components - like wind turbines or solar panels, receive a tax credit of 30% of their new investments in plants or machinery.

Small-scale renewable tax credits: $1 billion - Write off 30% of the cost on your federal tax bill, of a small windmill for your backyard, a solar hot water heater or a geothermal heating system capped at $2,000 for the heating systems and $4,000 for the wind turbine.

CNN covers the program well.