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C.Summer in Horeshoe Bay. 

For the many months that we've had these hi res web cams running we've seen lots and lots of ferry images going back and fourth. I was amused to see the crow caught flying by
D.Chip barges are a common sight in Canada inland coastal waterways.
E.Super Natural B.C. 

Certainly the best place on the planet when the sun shines.
F.Peak Chair
G.Whistler Mountain - View from the new $50 million Peak to Peak chair.
H.Wycliff Park sea kayaking popular all around BC coastal areas
I.West Coast of Vancouver Island
J.Which one of these is mine?
K.Another sunny Sunday here on the west coast!
L.Everyone has been asking where the bears are. The are just waking up! :)
M.Timing is everything. Once in a while the ferries cross path in front of the house.
N.Awesome sunset.
O.Afternoon sun, snow in the mountains, fun in Whistler!
P.Everyone loves the sunsets on the west coast. Check out the Bear Cam site
Q.Large and small ferries  transport 1000's of vehicles daily between  Vancouver Island, Bowen Island and the Shine Coast.
R.Location of Cam #1. Stays working through all kinds of weather. Images processed by StarDot NetCam XL 3MP with Varifocal Lens, 4-10mm, MP 1/2 CS lens.

This WebCam live -

Other Webcam locations -
S.A minutes later, the perfect time in the AM for the sun to hit the mountains for an incredible effect.
T.BC Ferry heading to Nanimo, on the west coast of Vancouver Island on Sat AM around 8:15AM
U.BC Ferry - passing by late afternoon. Visit
W.Our Milk Snake is a non poisonous member of the King Snake family. His marking make him similar to the Coral Snake which is poisonous.
X.Got an insect issue, our Chameleon works for bugs - as many as you have!
Y.Snappy the Caiman.
Z.Our massive Boa.