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My Nickname: Oil Away
My Opening Line: Oil remediation experts
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The existing remediation industry uses a variety of products and processes to address spills. The products include everything from used rags (old clothing) to synthetic rags and chemicals. The process of using these products is typically manual, meaning a worker wipes or scrubs surfaces, as is often seen on TV when dozens of workers clean shoreline rocks. In the case of larger spills machinery is used to remove the water or soil, commonly referred to within the remediation industry as a 'dig and dump'.

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Type of Member: product or company
Looking for: green products
Quick Memeber Facts: the next big thing

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Name: ESSI International
Type: Environmental Products
Location: Calgary, Alberta. T5S 2T4
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Environmental Sentry Services Inc. (ESSI) was incorporated in March 2006, by the founder Wayne Bennett. ESSI is a leading manufacturer and provider of environmental products. All ESSI patented and patent pending products are manufactured from recycled tire by-products. After 2 ½ years of comprehensive lab testing, prototype development and project field work all ESSI products have proven to be over 97% effective at preventing or removing hydrocarbon contamination. Furthermore, the company’s products are more cost and time effective than all previously used, competitive solutions. Beginning August 2008 ESSI commenced manufacturing and sales of commercial filtration systems, hydrocarbon containment products and pre-caste light weight concrete.

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Date: 6/14/2009
Duration: 6 Months
Destination: Canada - Western ( The Rockies )
City: Calgary
Age Range: All
Gender: Company
Activity: Service
Looking For: Green Products

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